2015 - 2016 Council Award of Excellence
   2014 - 2015 Council Award of Excellence
   2013 - 2014 Vice Presidents' Award for highest average competition points

About Lincoln Trail

Officially chartered on July 1, 1975, membership in the Lincoln Trail Regional Council includes eight chapters from Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee.  The name "Lincoln Trail" originally helped designate that the initial participating chapters in Indiana and Kentucky were scattered around the route Lincoln traveled from Kentucky through Indiana (with original logo below).  The Nashville Chapter later joined the Council.

"Bragging" Rights

The Council and its Chapters have a proud and active history, including:

  • 2014 - 2015 recipient of Council Award of Excellence
  • South Central Indiana Chapter 1st place in Stevenson Division in 2014 - 2015 competition.
  • 2013 - 2014 recipient of Vice President's Award
  • Evansville Chapter 1st place in Stevenson Division in 2013 - 2014 competition.
  • Nashville Chapter 2013 - 2014 & 2014 - 2015 Gold Chapter Newsletter Award
  • South Central Indiana Chapter 2013 - 2014 & 2014 - 2015 Net Retention 3-Year Membership Achievement
  • Martha Alle (Evansville) - 2014 - 2015 IMA Exemplary Volunteer Award
  • Ginger White (South Central Indiana) - 2013 - 2014 IMA Exemplary Leadership Award
  • Amy Mings (Evansville) - 2013 - 2014 Young Professional Award
  • Brian McGuire (Evansville) - 2011 - 2012 Global IMA Chair
  • Ben Mulling (Northern Kentucky) - 2015 - 2016 Global IMA Chair
  • Ron Luther (South Central Indiana) - 2012 - 2013 IMA Exemplary Leadership Award
Council Delegates

Each participating chapter can select three delegates to participate in the deliberations of the council - functioning as the primary communication link between the council and the chapter board and members and sharing their practices, experiences, and opinions of their chapter board and members.

All current or past national officers/directors and current or past presidents of member chapters may be ex-officio non-voting delegates of the council.  In addition, any member of a member chapter who is currently serving as a council officer shall hold voting delegate status as an additional delegate from his/her chapter.

Chapters of Lincoln Trail Regional Council

Blue Grass Chapter

The Blue Grass Area Chapter serves Central and Eastern Kentucky with approximately 160 members from Somerset, Ashland, Richmond, Mt. Sterling, Betsy Lane, Cynthiana, Crittendon, Frankfort, Lawrenceburg, and Lexington.  From September through April, the Chapter typically offers 1- to 2-CPE monthly dinner meetings at the Double Tree Suites on Richmond Road in Lexington, KY, along with a plant tour and a Student Night. By expanding its educational offerings and services to communities and members over the last couple of years, the Chapter increased its chapter competition placement from 74th in 2011 - 2012 to 27th in 2013 - 2014.  


The Bloomington Chapter has approximately 65 members residing in Monroe County and other surrounding areas.  The chapter offers 24 1-CPE lunch meetings, three 1-CPE dinner meetings and one 8-CPE professional development seminar annually, for a total of approximately 35 CPE annually.  The Chapter is considering offering an additional ½ or full day of CPE to provide its members the full 40 hours of CPE needed annually to maintain CPA status in Indiana.


The Evansville Chapter has approximately 300 members residing in Gibson, Dubois, Knox, Vanderburgh, and Warrick counties in Indiana.  Counties in Kentucky include Daviess and Henderson.  The Chapter offers all of the following CPE offerings: monthly 1-CPE luncheons; two 1-CPE dinner meetings; two 1-CPE breakfast meetings; two full-day Saturday 8 to 9-CPE sessions; and four Thursday evening 3-CPE sessions. The Evansville Chapter won 1st place in the Stevenson Division during the 2013-2014 fiscal year and finished in 11th place during the 2010-2011 fiscal year.  


The Indianapolis Chapter strives to bring the most relevant topics to members to sharpen their skills and stay updated on growing industry trends and business insights. During 2015-2016 the chapter held over 10 CPE sessions, including 2 hours of Ethics' required for all CMA's. Ben Mulling, Chair IMA, closed the year with a discussion of the skills needed by CFO's and how earning your CMA and being involved in the IMA are perfect complements.


The Louisville Chapter serves the Louisville Metropolitan area, which includes Jefferson, Bullitt, Spencer and Oldham counties in Kentucky and Clark and Floyd counties in southern Indiana.  The Chapter has approximately 210 members and offers CPE at meetings throughout the year (September - May).  In 2014, the chapter's two main events are the annual conference in April for 8 CPE credits, and a Student Night event that is hosted at a different University each year. We have been doing these events for several years now and have had tremendous success and look to continue these into the future.


The Nashville Chapter has approximately 400 members and serves the following main areas: Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Murfreesboro, and Clarksville. It covers the counties of Davidson, Rutherford, Robertson, and Williamson counties in Tennessee, and also Western Kentucky. The Chapter sponsors two student chapters at  Middle Tennessee State University, and Western Kentucky University.  The Chapter holds monthly 1-CPE luncheons and also offers some some 2-CPE lunch and evening meetings.  We kick off each year with with an annual social for networking and appetizers. The Chapter is hosting the spring 2018 regional council meeting and plans to offer a full-day (8-CPE) seminar in combination.

South Central Indiana

The South Central Indiana Chapter was founded in 1966 and is based out of Columbus, Indiana.  The Chapter board consists of financial professionals that are responsible for supporting the activities and education of its 250+ members.  Typical CPE offerings throughout the year include a monthly lunch speaker series, two all-day CPE sessions, and monthly FMN tape sessions.  The Chapter has a history of excellent performance in the annual chapter competition, recently winning the Chair's award for the best five-year performance.